So You Think You Can Dance? Season 11 Finale

Tonight we learn who has been chosen as America’s Favorite Dancer! And also if Adam Shankman can irritate me more than Jesse-Tyler Ferguson! And yay! Debbie Allen is here! Spoilers ahead!

Top 20 Group: Broadway I think this season’s real breakout star has been Warren Carlyle. So fresh but still classic and authentic. Makes the other broadway choreographers (except maybe Sean Cheeseman) look like amateurs. What ever happened to Joey Dowling?

Mary’s Choice- Jessica & Casey: Contemporary Definitely more joyful than the first time. I think Jessica had a little more zest for life now that she’s at the and than after getting knocked down for a couple weeks. Even with a bobbled lift, still a great piece.

Debbie’s Choice- Valerie & Ricky: Hip Hop Remember what I said about Warren Carlyle? Yeah, that for Pharside and Phoenix times a million. My one criticism is I remembered Ricky’s hat as being larger. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Zack’s Choice- Zack & Amy: Contemporary Not my favorite for Zack. A good routine for eternally understated Amy but I never really bought it. Maybe it was different in person and it definitely showed a different side if Zack but I think there were better choices of his talent. I’m gonna have to assume those are coming up later tonight or why else would he pick this?

Nigel’s Choice- Rudy & Allison: Jazz Ray Leeper loves a ballroom trick, doesn’t he? The floor slash, the death sweep. I didn’t really notice how good Rudy was in this. It was an excellent routine and was one of the best of the night originally but that middle section really grabs you if you’re not staring at Allison.

That Australian dude was insane! Really amazing. So controlled and alive but elegant and regal at the same time. Also, Pavlo Barsuk and Anna Trebunskaya paso doble’d to that song on America’s Ballroom Challenge (IT’S COMING BACK!) in 2008. He kinda put them to shame.

Valerie’s Choice- Valerie & Zack: Tap How great are those two together? They should just get married and have the most homespun children ever. But seeing it again made me nervous because it went so well the first time and what are the chances of lightning striking twice. But we’re talking about Valerie and Zack here. Lightning strikes when they say it strikes.

Les Twins I would trade every contemporary dance I’ve seen this season for more of that.

Ricky’s Choice- Jessica & Ricky: Contemporary I remember being fond of this the first week and now 10 weeks later, I’m feel like both of them can do so much more and we’ve seem them do it. This routine just sort if fades away into history. It’s ether now.

America’s Choice- Carly & Serge: Hip Hop America chose wrong. Great routine, lovely dancers and updated production but Emilio & Jasmine shoulda had this in the bag. That said, I liked this the first time and it was nice seeing it again.

Jenna’s Choice- Tanisha & Rudy: Jazz I completely forgot this routine existed and honestly felt like I was seeing something completely new. Tanisha and Rudy really killed it this season. If I had voted, they’re who I would’ve voted for. They remind more of many seasons ago when you had perfect pairings like Courtney and Gev. A bygone era… But good choice Jenna, whoever you are.

Can someone tell Enrique Iglesias it’s not 2003 anymore? It tickles me how sedate the audience is. Flat out polite. For a song titled “Dancing” they couldn’t pull one person out from backstage to dance a little and distract us from the hasbeens?

Adam’s Choice- Zack & Ricky: Hip Hop Is someone about to get results?! I’ve seen this trick before. Butter us up with excellent dancing and then slam us down.

NOOOOOO! Not Zack! I mean… Yeah. I get it but still. Kid has heart. If we’re strictly playing favorites, he’s probably the most relatable and accessible contestant and I’ve really enjoyed him. Good luck, Zack!

Tara’s Choice- Emilio & Jasmine: Hip Hop OK, good picking up the pieces, Tara. Loved that routine the first time and really liked it again. I’m kind of realizing how Emilio doesn’t make much of an impression. I hope he works a lot after this. Make your own opportunities, Emilio!

Jesse-Tyler Ferguson is here. Sorry, Adam Shankman, you’re never gonna beat that.

Top 10 & All-Stars: Pop Can’t really call that jazz or hip hop so I’m going with pop like Wade Robson or Brian Friedman used to do. But better. So much better! So exciting and full and beautiful. Really made you want to get up and dance. Also really showed who the stars of this season were. Watch it again and recognize the fact that there were a number of Top 10 finalists you didn’t notice at all. But as a unit they all blended so beautifully. Glad they let Rudy and Tanisha work together again.

That Wanted Crew or whatever really showed the world that you can’t keep the sequined vest industry down.

Jessica’s Choice- Jessica & Robert: Contemporary Jessica made a smart choice and probably picked her best routine. Was she really that challenged this season? I don’t really think so. And then she got the boot.

Cat’s Choice- Valerie & Ricky Contemporary Soooo… No ballroom tonight? Ok, I’ll get my things and go. But first, that was lovely. They really grew into one another as partners. Didn’t love it the first time but now I dig what they bring to the table together and apart. They are a quintessential SYTYCD top 2. And the winner is…

RICKY! That poor boy is so overwhelmed. But good for him. It’s nice when the sort of powerhouse who starts the season ends up taking it home. The only drawback is the idea that an 18-year-old just got a ridiculous amount of money. Don’t spend it on pixie sticks!