Dancing in SF

Ballroom dancing is so fun and such a great part of my life and I hope it can be a part of yours. If you live in or near San Francisco or just visiting, I wanted to share some links to local independent dance studios and organizations so you can give it a try!

Dance Studios

DSG Studios (San Francisco)

Metronome Dance Collective (San Francisco)

Pick School of Ballroom Dancing (San Francisco)

Allegro Ballroom (Emeryville)

Just Dance Ballroom (Oakland)

Symbolic Dance & Fitness (San Francisco)

DanceVita (San Mateo)

Trilliant Studios (Oakland)

Cheryl Burke Dance (Mountain View)


Dance Organizations

Lindy in the Park (San Francisco)

Edwardian Ball (San Francisco)

Ballroom Dance Teachers College (San Francisco / Oakland)

City Lights Ball (San Jose)

San Francisco Open DanceSport Championships (Burlingame)

International Grand Ball (Burlingame)

Autumn Classic DanceSport (Burlingame)


Dance Instructors/Specialists

Jeannie Lin (Blues/Tango)

Stephanie Berg (Tango)

Christy Cote (Tango)

Melissa Saphir (Awesome)

Melissa Rutz (West Coast Swing)


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